The 17th International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling (SDH) will be held on 18-20 August 2016 in Beijing. One of the oldest GIS conferences, the symposium aims to bring together geographers, cartographers, computer scientists and others from the international community of geospatial information sciences and geomatics engineering to present latest achievements and to share experiences in GIS research in advance of the 33rd International Geographical Congress in Beijing. We expect it to become a major event in the international GIScience community in 2016.

The International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling (SDH) is the biennial international research forum for Geospatial Information Science (GIScience), co-organized by the Commission on Geographic Information Science and the Commission on Modelling Geographical Systems of the International Geographical Union (IGU). It commenced in 1984 in Zurich, Switzerland and has ever since been held in Seattle, USA; Sydney, Australia; Zurich, Switzerland; Charleston, USA; Edinburgh, UK; Delft, The Netherlands; Vancouver, Canada; Beijing, China; Ottawa, Canada; Leicester, UK; Vienna, Austria; Montpellier, France; Hong Kong, China; Bonn, Germany and Toronto, Canada.

Papers for the SDH2016 might be related to a large range of topics, of which the following list gives a flavor, but is not prescriptive, including:

  • Big Geographical Data storage and search
  • Data-Intensive Geospatial Computing
  • Geographic knowledge discovery and data mining
  • Visualization of Big Geographical Data
  • Big Geographical Data information privacy
  • Sharing of Big Geographical Data or spatiotemporal data
  • GIS-based multi-criteria decision analysis or evaluation
  • Multi-scale spatial data representations, data structures and algorithms
  • Space-Time modeling
  • Digital terrain analysis and modeling or Geological applications of digital terrain analysis
  • Spatial Ecology: geospatial analysis to landscape or species
  • Land change modeling: moving beyond projections
  • WebGIS or CyberGIS: integrated and scalable geospatial software

Papers related to GIScience topics not included in this list are also welcome. We also welcome proposal for special sessions.

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